Oh No, He Has a Different Religion!

Time and time again, we see Tewahedo Orthodox Girls falling for guys outside of their religion believing they will change them to their faith. 99.9% of the time, they are often the ones being changed. You are a Tewahedo Orthodox Girl! You should never ever convert to any other religion for any guy for any reason. When you meet a guy of a different religion, be smart and do not allow your emotions to cloud up your judgment.

You need to find out what he truly believes. Is he able and willing to get baptized in the Holy Trinity? Does he know what Tewahedo Orthodox is and what it stands for?  These should be the first things you ask when you meet someone who may be a potential life partner (husband).  If he says, I am absolutely certain I will never convert to your religion. Then you know he is not the one.  But many times guys are very cleaver and will make you believe they will do anything for you, including changing their religion. If it’s not from the heart and if that guy is converting to your faith just to be with you, tread very carefully because you are in for a rude awakening. He may convert to Tewahado Orthodox, but as soon as he marries you, he may tell you he doesn’t want to go to your church.

Set the guidelines from the beginning.  Don’t wait till you’ve set your date to say, by the way I want to get married in a Tewahado Orthodox Church and you have to get baptized first. That is not fair to him, because you never set those guidelines from the beginning.

As a proud Tewahedo Orthodox Girl, never compromise your faith for any guy!

Author Selam Seyoum


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