God Will Never Abandon You

There is a beautiful legend of the Cherokee Indians about the “rite of passage” that goes like this:

“The father takes his son into the forest, puts a blindfold on his eyes and leaves him there, alone.

The young man must remain seated on a log all night, without removing his blindfold, until the sun’s rays tell him it is morning. He cannot and should not ask anyone for help.

If he survives the night without falling apart, he will be a man. He cannot tell his experience to his friends or anyone else, because every young man has to become a man alone.

The young man is clearly terrified… he hears a lot of strange noises around him. There are certainly fierce beasts around him. Maybe even dangerous men who may hurt him.

The wind blows hard all night, shaking the trees, but he continues boldly, without taking off his blindfold. After all, it’s the only way to become a man!

Finally, after a spooky night, the sun comes out and he takes off his blindfold.

And that’s when he realizes that his father is sitting on the log next to him. He was on guard all night protecting his son from any danger. The father was there, although the son did not know it.”

The father never left his son, just like our Heavenly Father will never leave us. Even when it feels as if He is not there, He is there. He is there through every trial and tribulation. He is there every step of the way. Helping, guiding, shielding and protecting us. When we have God in our life, we are never alone!

In the scariest night, in the deepest dark, in the most complete loneliness, God will never abandon us! Trust Him and Believe in Him! God will never abandon you!

May the Lord our God be with us, as He was with our fathers. 
May He not leave us nor forsake us
1 Kings 8:57


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