2 Aug 2021

Tewahedo Orthodox Girl

Be proud of our beautiful Tewahedo Orthodox faith. Be encouraged and full of faith.

Christos Tensia Emutan – Christ is Risen From the Dead

Priest says:
Christos Tensia Emutan
Christ is risen from the dead

We say:
Be’Abiye Hayl We’Siltan
With Great power and Authority

Priest says:
Asero Le’Satan
He has put Satan in chains

We say:
Ageazo Le’Adam
He has set Adam free

Priest says:

We say:
Eme Ye’izese

Priest says:

We say:
Fiseha We’Selam
Joy and peace!

For those of you who are not able attend the Holy Liturgy tonight due to the Covid-19 restrictions, please be sure to call your Priest this week to wish him a Happy Easter and be ready to recite the above greeting.

Happy Tewahedo Orthodox Easter to you and your family!

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