What Happened to The Girl I Knew?

What happened? When did you turn your back on God and forget everything you learned in Sunday School? You were the little girl that always wore her skirt and netsela and was the first to raise her hand in class. You would rush to sit in the front row and always wanted to share how much you loved God. You were the sweetest little girl I knew.

Please tell me it’s just a phase you are going through. Tell me you haven’t gone so far off the deep end, where you don’t recognize God anymore. Is it a guy who has stolen your heart or just college that has changed you? Didn’t I tell you to guard your heart at all times and never put anyone or anything above God. What happened to you? I don’t even recognize you anymore. Your actions are no longer Christ like and those words are they really coming out of your mouth? What have you done with that sweet child of God that I had hoped would become a godly women? When did you replace going to Church with a club life? You went from fasting and praying to drinking and partying. Now it has consumed your world and you have embraced the sins of the world.

No matter what the world tells you, heaven and hell are real. Why have you chosen to fall for Satan’s trap? The same trap he set on Eve, he has done it again with you. Have you forgotten our days are numbered and any moment can be our last. You choose to party Saturday nights and sleep in Sunday mornings. I can’t believe you’ve missed Church the entire year. The little girl I once knew, would rush her parents to get her to Church on time and would show up even when she was sick. You were always on fire for God and wanted to serve Him with all your heart. Who is your heart serving now?

My sweet sister, turn away from your sins now because hell has no exit door. No one but God is perfect. Our God knew that and He sent us His beloved son. Who laid down on the cross and died for you and I. On the third day He rose again, but every time we sin we are putting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the cross again. No matter how deep your sins are, the amazing power of God’s grace, love and forgiveness always waits for you. He will greet you with open arms, but you must repent and turn away from your sins, because you can’t walk with God if you are still holding the devil’s hand.

If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.
1 John 1:6 (NKJV)

Author Selam Seyoum

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