I’ve Made Mistakes That I Can’t Erase

We are constantly being told by the world, if you don’t make mistakes you’ll never learn. I always say, learn from the mistakes of others and save yourself some heartache and pain. As a simple mistake can shake your world and alter your life forever.  The choices you make today will affect the rest of your life. Some mistakes can never be erased and nor can they be undone. That is why every choice you make needs to be made with prayer, fasting and with God by your side.

I recently met a lady who was telling me about her life. She said, “I’ve made some mistakes that I cannot erase. She did not have the best childhood living with her step-mom and her dad. When it became too much for her to bear, she left home and got an apartment with a female friend.  She stopped going to Church and turned her back on God as soon as she met a young guy who charmed her with sweet words and flowers.  He told her he loved her and that’s all it took for her to make a mistake that changed her life forever. Within two weeks of meeting him, she moved in with him and a month later she got pregnant. She decided to marry him before she had her child.  She knew very little about this guy, but that did not stop her. After all, he told her he loved her, bought her flowers and that’s all she needed to feel loved.

Unfortunately, his sweet words and flowers turned to alcohol and drugs. Emotional and physical abuse consumed her life. She had three beautiful children, who were subjected to many years of witnessing their mom with black eyes and broken ribs. He would try to spend every paycheck she made on drugs and alcohol and even sold their car for drugs. There were times when she couldn’t feed her babies and had to rely on friends and neighbors. One of her worst nightmare was not having enough money to pay the rent.  He broke her heart every time she found him with a different woman in her own house, but he would always promise never to cheat again. He was filled with broken promises, as he cheated on her repeatedly.  During the time he was with her, he had five babies by five different women.  She still stayed hoping he would change. Like many mothers, she didn’t want her children growing up without their father.  After years of suffering and realizing he was never going to change.  She finally packed up his stuff, called the cops and told him to get out. He was in and out of prison and threatened her many times, but she never went back. She decided thirteen years of heartache and pain was more than enough. She said, “I finally knew I could live without him, it was God I desperately needed in my life.

When we stray away from God and His ways, the mistakes we make are often devastating.  A life without God is always a life consumed by heartache and pain, but that doesn’t mean you live your life in regret. You still need to move on and move forward. If you have made poor choices in your life, please remember God offers an opportunity for repentance.  Before making life-altering decisions, please seek the counsel of your Spiritual Father (You Need a Spiritual Father). As a simple mistake can alter your life forever!

May thLord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26 (NKJV)

Author Selam Seyoum 

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