Give Me the Package to Deliver!

A young boy, from a Tewahedo Orthodox family, began to show lack of interest in the Church, his faith, and also to his family and fellow human beings. He was heading in the wrong direction. His mother was heartbroken, seeing him constantly moving away from the right path. She never ceased to stop praying for him. She prayed for him day and night and never gave up hope, that God would help her.

One Saturday morning, she called her son and said:

“My dear child, please take this package and take it to this street address, there is a poor house, in which a very poor widow lives, with many children. Give her this package.”

He answered, “Why should I take this package? We are not well off ourselves.”

“Listen to me, son, take the package, and I promise I’ll give you whatever you ask when you return.”

He said, “If that’s the case, I agree. Give me the package to deliver.”

The young man, mindful of the reward, quickly arrived outside the poor house, knocked on the broken door and when he entered, he found himself in front of the poor woman with five children crying and shouting:

“Mom, Mom, I’m hungry.”

Frozen and unable to react, the young boy gave the package to the poor woman and went back out with his head down.

The woman told him, “You leave without me saying at least a thank you? May God reward you for your kindness and the comfort you offer us!”

The young man left crying with emotion, but also feeling great happiness. He ran and went outside his Church building, went to a corner and prayed as tears rolled down his face.

On his return, his mother asked him:

“Why are you so late, son? Did you at least take the package I gave you?”

“Yes, Mother, I did. But you must not forget your promise.”

“You’re right, son, come on, tell me what you want?”

“Please prepare another package for me, because I would like to once again feel the joy and happiness I felt today, offering and comforting the poor and hungry”

What an inspiring story!

My Tewahedo Orthodox sister, if you have a loved one, a friend, a relative who has lost their interest and has strayed away from our beautiful Tewahedo Orthodox Church. I hope and pray this story, gives you hope in knowing through prayer and your actions, you can bring them back to God and you can truly help them to renew their faith. Stay encouraged, and don’t give up on anyone. As long as they continue to breath you have a chance to bring them back.

May God help us all to be a light in this dark world, by living His word by our actions!

Selam Seyoum

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