Tewahedo Orthodox Girl, You Are WORTHY!

This photo shows a speed race that took place between dogs and a cheetah, to find out who’s the fastest.

Everyone was surprised that the cheetah didn’t move from its seat, so they asked the race coordinator what happened?

After seeing this image, his response was, ”Sometimes trying to prove you’re the best is insulting. Cheetah only uses its speed to hunt, not to show dogs it’s the fastest and strongest.”

Likewise, my beautiful Tewahedo Orthodox sister, trying to prove our worth to this world is insulting. Our worth is not determined by the degree we have or the title we carry. It isn’t measured by whose name is on our clothes, purse, watch or shoes. It isn’t measured by the type of car we drive or the size of our house. It isn’t measured by how many post likes or followers we have. It isn’t measured by how many vacations we post on social media. We don’t need to stoop to other people’s level, to make them understand that we are worthy.

As a Tewahedo Orthodox Girl, you are WORTHY and you are enough! Therefore, don’t ever waste your time trying to prove who you are to anyone. You don’t need validation from this world, as your worth is never determined by this world.

Your worth comes from God, as it was God’s hands that knit you together. God created you in His own, perfect image. He designed us to be like Him, a beautiful masterpiece. We don’t conform to the ways of the world. We are to always walk with our head held high, as we remain humble and never boastful. Always knowing our worth comes from God.

You are WORTHY, Tewahedo Orthodox Girl! Always remember that!

Selam Seyoum

Do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2 NKJV).


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