Before Deacon Hermon came down to Indianapolis for our engagement celebration, we both had decided to take time off from work for a few days, so that we could spend time together.  For the duration of his stay, Deacon Hermon had planned on staying at my uncle’s house since he knew my uncle and his family. Therefore, since the morning after our engagement celebration was Sunday.  Deacon Hermon arrived at the church with my Uncle.

As usual, the church service was great, and our priest asked Deacon Hermon to teach. This was the second time I got to watch Deacon Hermon teach in person.  I was mesmerized just as much as I was the first time I saw him teach. He was captivating and God had truly gifted him with the ability to teach. As I sat and watched him, it became very clear to me that this is something that God had destined him for. As his future wife, I knew I would have to support him in his service or as some would say his “calling”. I knew from that moment; I would have to support and encourage him in any way I can for the rest of my life. I was to stand beside him, walk with him and always have his back. I also understood since he was sought after by many churches; I would have to embrace lonely days and lonely weekends when he is away on trips. I could see it crystal clear, God making me aware this would become my life and once we get married there is no going back.  However, God was also reminding me that He had prepared me for this.

During my singlehood, all the years I spent praying and studying the word of God. Reading my Bible vigorously in trying to learn God’s word and who God is.  All the time I dedicated to starting  and Co-Directing a Christian program at my University. God allowing me to lead Bible Study in my undergraduate years.  All those years, God never stopped guiding me in the right direction. God provided me with a spiritual father, who encouraged me to keep walking in my Christian path.  All this time God was preparing me, teaching me, allowing me to grow to trust Him fully.  Every season God allowed me to walk through was for this very moment. Though I am not perfect, God was always merciful and gracious to me and I could never thank Him enough. He was molding and perfecting my weakness, so that I could be a wife of a Deacon. And of all Deacons in the world, God chose Deacon Hermon for me. How gracious and marvellous is God’s blessing? So, you see there was no way I could ever say no to God. Whenever and wherever God led me, I would always follow Him.

After the church service ended,  the Sunday school youth were so eager to see Deacon Hermon and they were begging him to teach them. Seeing their excitement, he couldn’t resist. He asked me if it was ok if we could meet up after he was done. Without any hesitation I said, “Yes, may God help you. I’ll see you later.”   By the time, he was finished teaching and answering the youth’s questions it was dinner time. We had dinner together with my family. After dinner, we all sat in the family room and socialized for hours. We all had a great time.  It was a great opportunity for my family to get to know him. My dad was always fond of him, as he had met and talked to him before. This was the first time my mom got to spend time with him and she liked him very much.  At the end when we were saying good night, she stretched out her hands and said, “Thank you St. Mary for answering my prayers.” She gave Deacon Hermon a big hug.

Then I drove him to my uncle’s house for the night and we said, “Good night.” I drove home with a joyful heart and a sweet smile on my face. I couldn’t wait till the next day, because we would get to go out for the first time since we were now in our “dating period.” 

To be continued…


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