You Need a Spiritual Father!

It’s amazing how so many people are always quick to get a family doctor, but put little effort in obtaining a spiritual father. A doctor and a priest will both save your life. However, when a doctor saves you, it is temporary and you will eventually die. When a priest saves you, it is permanent… for eternity.  That is why, it is very important and essential for you to have a Spiritual Father in your life.  For all of you, who have written me about struggling in your Christian walk and not knowing how to stay spiritual. This is the first and mandatory step in staying spiritual – You need a Spiritual Father! 

When choosing your spiritual father, seek a priest that is spiritual and who can guide you throughout your life.  According to Saint Basil the Great, before the spiritual father can guide and assist others to the Christian life, he first needs to live it himself.  “His very life must reflect a prime example by following every commandment of the Lord.” His example must speak louder than his words. He must inspire with his virtuous lifestyle. He needs to build people up with his love and fatherly affection.

Your spiritual father will always be there to pray for you and assist you in your Christian walk. He will become someone you can talk to in confidence and know what you say will always remain confidential. He will help to guide you through the ups and downs of life. He will be there to provide you with encouragement when you are weak. Most importantly, your spiritual father will always give you sound Biblical advice and will help to guide you in the right direction. When you need to make decisions and life altering choices, he will be there to assist you. He will be able to point out your weakness and will give you helpful guidance on how to strengthen your spiritual life.

Apart from being spiritual fathers and conducting all their Church duties, many of the Tewahedo Orthodox Priests in the diaspora have full time jobs and have the demand of a family.  So be very respectful of their time! Don’t be demanding and always show humbleness when speaking to all of our Priests.  Always remember your priest(s) in your prayer and always show your appreciation for them. It is because of them we have been blessed with the opportunity to have someone to go too for Confessions and the Holy Communion.

We are fortunate and blessed to finally have English speaking Priests. There should be no excuse as to why you do not have a spiritual father.  We can die at any moment, therefore it is significant and life saving for us to have a spiritual Father. Please don’t take too long and don’t hesitate or be scared to ask a priest to be your spiritual father today.

May the Blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Intercession of our Blessed Mother be with you all. Amen.

 Author Selam Seyoum

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