Three types of Christians, Which one are you?

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”  (Matthew 18:20 NKJV)

Going to Church is both biblical and historically set for us by the first followers of Jesus Christ. They would always gather weekly and often daily to worship God together. Paul and the other Apostle’s letters were sent to churches that gathered in various cities to be read aloud together. Going to Church means getting together with other believers to worship Jesus Christ, encourage one another in the faith, and hear the Scriptures together. Thus a reason why going to church is so important for our life.

The following are the three common types of Church goers:


These type of people are devoted and truly love God. They are on fire for God and cannot be touched. They possess a natural high that allows them to smile even during difficult times. They read their Bible daily and apply what they read to their life.  They attend church Full -Time and at times overtime. There has to be something seriously wrong for these types of people to miss church.  They never make excuses and put God first in EVERYTHING they do. They seek God in the good and the bad times. They pray about everything and have developed an initiate relationship with God. They cannot be deterred from their godly walk. They are not people pleasers and will never tell you what you want to hear, if it is against the the word of God. They allow no one and nothing to get in between their relationship with God. They are a light that shines brightly when they walk in the room and always leave people mesmerized.   The devil hates these people!


These type of people are not devoted to God and think they love God, but truly do not love Him. They are luke warm, so they are easily persuaded with worldly things. They attend church on Part-Time basis and come to church out of convenience and when they feel like it. They choose to spend most of their Sunday mornings in their warm comfy bed. They seek God only when bad things happen to them or when they are in need of something they cannot obtain on their own.  They are the “Users and Abusers” of God. They pray only when they need God’s help and forget about Him when things are going well in their life.  They own a Bible, but it is often collecting dust. They are often hypocrites and make a lot of excuses as to why they do not attend church regularly.  The devil likes these people!


These type of people go to church only during Christmas, Easter, Baptism or Weddings.  They are what I call Temporary Christians.  They rather sleep every Sunday morning than go to church.  They do not feel the need to go to church, because they serve themselves and have no to little relationship with God. They know of God’s existence, but doubt His power.  They think they have control over everything in their life. They seem happy on the outside and may think everything is going well in their life, but internally their spiritual life is cold and suffering. They feel empty inside and they try to fill that emptiness with worldly things to only find themselves with temporary fulfillment. They do not seem to have any concept of how much they need our Lord and Savior in their life. They are submerged with the world and only think of God two times out of the year.  The devil loves these people!

Now ask yourself, which type of Christian you are!

Author Selam Seyoum

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